I love stories.
Mankind has told stories all trough history, and I belive they are one of the most powerful ways for us to reach eachother and connect. So in everything I do I try to make good stories.


Vera Johansen

illustration BA (hons)
University College Falmouth
2008 - 2011

Interactive Art Director
Hyper Island, Stockholm
2015 - 2016

things I can do:
concept developent
visual storytelling
team development


My name is Vera.
I am a designer and illustrator, I am a maker, I am a learner, I am a storyteller, I am a traveller and I am a student.

My background is in illustration, which I have a BA (hons) in from University College Falmouth in the UK. I wanted to branch out however, so I decided to study Interactive Art Director at Hyper Island in Stockholm, and that is where I am now. While being here I have developed my skills in branding, teck, concept development,  ux, and teamwork amongst other things.

Moving one from here I am looking for opportunities where I can use my previous experiences combined with what I have learned at Hyper Island. I am currently looking for an internship to help me develop further.

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