Flic - Shortcut Labs

Project Category:

Hyper Island project


Linus Lövbacka
Bjørn Andersen
Vera Johansen
Maria Klint
Joy Schmidmeier


Concept development







Create a strategy and rebrand to attract and communicate with partners and users in all business verticals.



Telling users what a Flic can do might limit the user’s imaginationto see the potential to customize the button. We suggested challenging the users in how Flic can be valuable for them, as well as building a community for them, to communicate the endless possibilities.
In this way Flic can utilize the existing customer base of early adopters, to start putting value into the community.

Internet of Things:

The worldwide market for IoT solutions is expected to reach $7.1 trillion in 2020.
Most companies know this, but many don't know how to get a piece of the cake, without big investments. We believe that the greatest value for new partners is that Flic offers several easy ways into the IoT market. This can be acieved by:
- Being one of the “out of the box” functions.  
- Geting your own partner button - a Flic or a Poic
Prototype your product as an IoT, without big investments and resources.