Peak Performance

2 weeks

Laura Buencuerpo
Fanny Wacklin Nilsson
Stephanie Love
Vera Johansen




This is a project pitch for Peak Performande, and it was part of the Teck module in Hyper Island. A module where we explored tecknology and what we could use it for. The module was done in with Peak Performance as a client, to work with their re-branding and new collection.


We wanted to create an interactive sculpture for Peak Performances coming concept store in Stockholm. With the new store and the teckhology that Peak Preformance uses in their new collection in mind we brainstormed around the concepts of change, illustions and the contrats between the city and nature, as their clothing can be used both as fashion in the city and high performance wear on the slopes.

"Peak Performance. Clothes for people ready for the unexpected, as sometimes, things are not always what they seem.”

This was the underlying concept. We wanted to create something unanticipated, to surprise and evoke a curiosity with the audience, as an added dimension to Peak Performances clothes.  To achieve this we created an installation that works with textures, lights and sound, in new and unpredictable ways. 
The shape of the piece is inspired by the mountains. Each side of it has a shape mounted onto it, made with different materials that each has a very different feel and texture. The installation welcomes visitors to engage with it and touch each side, in order to experience something unexpected, in the form of sounds. The installation is meant to further translates the values of Peak Performance into a new medium.